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Automotive Manufacturer

Quality Manager

We switched from a cumbersome, time consuming, poorly supported software product to Synergy. Very straightforward, easy to use product that meets our needs. Support from Zontec has been outstanding from day one, including when we contracted them to make custom changes to the software to meet some additional business objectives that we had.

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Alvin Hernandez

Sr. Manager

“We have recently seen our volume increase significantly, and consequently the number of assembly lines increase by 50%. Because we now use Synergy, our operators can perform multitasking, and we did not need to add additional operators to our assembly lines.”

Bright Plastics

Kate Bryant

Director of Quality

“I enjoy the fact that if a customer requests additional information on their Certificate of Analysis, for example, I can immediately add that information on the next production run. Also, if a customer emails or calls me asking for some additional information, with the Synergy reporting system, I can generate the additional information they need, select the appropriate chart or report and immediately email it to them for approval. One customer said, ’Wow! You can do it, that fast?’”

Cumberland Plastics

Cumberland Plastics Solutions

Aditya Deshpande

Quality Assurance Manager

“As Quality Manager, what used to take a day’s worth of work to determine our Cpk’s and our Ppk’s is now just a click of a mouse. Now I have a tool that enables me to analyze, report, and explain in an efficient manner the current state of our processes. I have the data to show where we can improve our processes.”



Fedele D’Alessandro

General Manager

“Since using Synergy 3000, we have reduced our scrap rate by 20%. We now know where we had waste in our process, realistic values to base our key performance indicators on, and how to improve our margins.”



Kim Marquis

Operations Manager

“The product is easy to use, easy to setup. The day after we bought the product, we started putting in data.”


Halla Climate Control Canada

Dan Corrigan

Operational Excellence Manager

“Using the data from Synergy and a lot of hard work, we have been able to reduce our PPM (Parts Per Million) from 50 to 10. Synergy highlights for me what I need to do next. It shows me where the process is out of control, so we can address it.

DRT Mfg. Co.

George Kloos

Director of Quality

“With Synergy we are able to achieve cost reductions by reducing scrap, rework, and cycle time to produce a quality product. Synergy allows us to use pre-control limits during production to maximize tool wear while maintaining a good product.”


Schoeneck Containers Inc. (SCI)SC

Scott Chambers

Quality Facilitator

“Synergy saves us about 45 minutes of the operators’ time from how we operated previously. When you calculate this across 22 machines that comes out to about 33 man-hours a day.”

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