Software Add-Ons

Software Add-ons for Automatic Data Collection

Zontec software add-ons allow easy integration so can you to seamlessly share real-time quality data between many platforms.

Synergy Multi-function Toolbox

The easy-to-use Toolbox is perfect for automated manufacturers who need a turnkey solution to transfer real-time quality data from automated measurement devices into Synergy SPC software. It transfers high volumes of error-free data from any automated measurement or vision system. The Multi-function Toolbox supports Synergy 1000, Synergy 2000, and Synergy 3000.

  • Automates and speed up data collection
  • Eliminates manual data entry
  • Reduces human input error
  • Connects as many multi-vendor devices as needed
  • Does not require IT support
  • Built-in timer for automatic data transfer
  • Ability to import variable and attribute data
  • Captures unique identifier tags attached to the data for traceability
  • Imports TXT, CSV, and DAT formats
  • Supports multiple interfaces

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Dynamic Link Library

Whether you need to take data out of Synergy SPC and put it in another database, like an ERP, or import data into Synergy SPC from automated measurement devices, the Dynamic Link Library (DLL) allows you to create custom solutions for quality data transfer within your existing environment. DLL functions work seamlessly with Synergy 1000, Synergy 2000, and Synergy 3000, and deliver real-time access to data in a variety of systems such as SQL Database management systems (Oracle, Microsoft), Supply Chain Management Systems, and many more.

  • Contains over 40 library functions
  • Customize to your environment
  • Bi-directional communication with external data sources
  • Supports rapid software development
  • Eliminates the need for open database connectivity (ODBC)