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Superior SPC Software

Every Synergy SPC product gives you exceptional control over your processes. You’ll get automatic real-time alerts when measurements exceed an acceptable range, so corrective action can be taken immediately. The result is reduced scrap and rework, enhanced productivity, improved quality, and increased morale on the shop floor.

Implementation can be done in a day. Training is two to three easy 60-minute sessions. This is truly superior SPC.

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Most Complete SPC

We offer a full suite of SPC software for companies of every size and for every need.

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Only Fully Compliant SPC

Synergy SPC 100% conforms to SPC rules and methodology.

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Most Powerful, Advanced SPC

Windows based and with Windows functionality, Synergy SPC is the only truly real-time SPC software.

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Best Value, Most Supported SPC

Zontec SPC software is economically priced, features one-day implementation, and is supported by a company with decades of experience.

A Full Suite of Software Solutions

synergy 1000

Ideal for small and mid-size manufacturers, Synergy 1000™ software enables you to utilize real-time SPC data in a standalone or network implementation.

Top Features

  • Automatic data collection
  • Quick charting
  • Real-time monitoring and analysis
  • Instant communication to key personnel
  • Reporting made easy
  • For more security, Synergy 1000+ adds another operator level

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Designed for enterprise-wide applications, Synergy 2000 provides companies an instant 360-degree view of real-time SPC data about their business processes.

Top Features

  • Automated data collection
  • Enterprise-wide monitoring
  • Instant email alerts
  • Comprehensive across-enterprise reporting
  • Stringent access and security controls

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Designed for global manufacturers with global suppliers, Synergy 3000™ provides real-time views of processes across the entire supply chain for centralized, comprehensive quality control.

Top Features

  • Wide variety of data analysis tools
  • Data collection, charting, monitoring, reporting
  • Six Sigma problem solving
  • Microsoft SQL® database engine
  • Micrsosoft NET™ computing platform for easy integration and universal connectivity

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Synergy 100

Synergy 100 and 100+ revolutionize the way SPC software is purchased and implemented by providing a subscription-based solution with no contracts.

Top Features

  • Purchase, download and install in minutes
  • Subscription-based
  • Less than $2.00 a day
  • No long-term commitments
  • Charting, analysis, and reports

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Software Add-Ons

Add-On Options

Zontec’s easy-to-use add-ons allow you to seamlessly share data between many platforms for the most complete picture of quality in your manufacturing processes.

Top Features

  • Multi-function Toolbox
  • Dynamic Link Library

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