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12 Things to Consider When Purchasing SPC Software


April 23, 2013 | Articles


Synergy 3000 SPC Software Web Manager with Control Chart.
Synergy 3000 SPC Software Web Manager

Selecting the right Statistical Process Control (SPC) software for your business is an investment. Here are 12 things to consider as you evaluate a real-time SPC solution for your business:

1. Is the SPC Software Tailored for Your Business?

Regardless if your company is one facility or an entire enterprise, does the SPC software accommodate the specific needs of your company size? Does the software provide your operators, managers, and engineers their own unique view and capabilities in the system?

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2. Can You Realize a Rapid Return on Investment (ROI)?

The SPC software must be easily implemented  and require minimal training, saving you time and money. Immediately, operators begin preventing defects and focusing on production. Managers can constantly monitor any process regardless of location. Engineers begin analyzing real-time data, suggesting improvements and providing immediate SPC data and analysis to customers or auditors.

 3. Does It Seamlessly Integrate Into Your Production Environment?

Your SPC software data must not only transparently integrate with your production, front and back office applications but also easily import from or export to other applications.

4. Does the Software Deliver Instant Charting & Reporting for All Users?

Operators, managers, and engineers need their own real-time charts and reports to print, save as PDF or email as appropriate. In addition to the standard SPC charts such as variable, attribute, capability and others; you also need the flexibility to immediately query and chart specific data. You need customizable reports, as well as the standard process information, automatic certificate of analysis, management and other reports that help you analyze the profitability of your processes.

5. Does the Software Enable You to Meet Regulatory and Customer Requirements?

 Because all industry requirements are different, your SPC software must be flexible enough to allow you to query unique data fields to meet specific reporting requirements.

6. Does the SPC Software Help You Reduce Downtime, Scrap Rate, and Rework?

Your SPC software should provide real-time data to prevent defects even at another facility or at a supplier site. By automatically emailing specified users before processes are out-of-control, you can prevent defects, reduce rejects, reduce scrap rates and production downtime. This also saves on rework and increases production.

7. Does the SPC Software Ensure Production of High-Quality Products?

Your SPC software must statistically verify that you are consistently increasing product quality while delivering products on-time to your customers. Through this continuous improvement process, defects to customers decrease, and you reduce parts inspection.

8. Does the SPC Software Enable You to Develop New Products?

With SPC software that provides you process capability and production data at your fingertips, you can monitor production equipment, and test out new products with your existing equipment.

9. Does the SPC Software Provide a Global View Your Entire Supply Chain?

You need to instantly view SPC data from anywhere in your global supply chain including from supplier locations. Your SPC software must enable you to prevent defects, make process improvements, verify customer requirements, and analyze your business profitability.

10. Does the SPC Software Company that Practices Continuous Process Improvement?

To be competitive, you need an SPC software company that is consistently integrating enhancements and innovative technologies, such as cloud computing, into its product line.

11. Does the SPC Software Company that Provide Personalized Support?

Because production delays cost money, you need a technical support team with an extensive background in quality; engineering, IT and manufacturing; to provide you personalized assistance in configuring and maintaining your system.

12. Does the SPC Software Company Have a Proven Track Record?

You need an industry-leading SPC company that has an established reputation for providing SPC software to any size companies in any industry across the globe.

The SynergySPC product suite provides all of this and much more. Contact us today to see how we can maximize your business profitability.

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