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Designing Six Sigma? You'll Need Compliant SPC Software


August 25, 2015 | Articles, Resources

Good SPC Implementation is Essential to Six Sigma

Compliant SPC Software
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It’s hard to overstate the importance of compliant SPC software and adhering to SPC methodology and rules. Knowing the importance of methodology and rules adherence to the bottom line of your business and the potentially ruinous consequences of non-compliance, how do you vet potential solutions?

We’ve learned how companies are reliant on their SPC application to provide accurate information so they can meet their customer demands.  We highlighted the assertion that non-compliance with methodology and rules should be a deal-breaker for choosing and SPC software.

And the consequences? We learned choosing SPC software that violates SPC methodology and rules WILL negatively impact your efforts to improve processes and products.

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The design and execution of Six Sigma projects require a series of sequenced events that absorb much time and energy from the personnel involved.  With this in mind, it’s critical to demand that SPC software vendors supply supporting documentation as evidence in response to these 12 questions.

  1. Is the SPC software able to define a specific range of historical data to include in the calculation of control limits?
  2. Does the calculation of control limits use the estimated or calculated value of sigma?
  3. Can samples be excluded when calculating control limits with reason noted and if so is this visually indicated on the control chart?
  4. Will the software allow extending the calculated control limits?
  5. Is process status clearly indicated and displayed on the control chart?
  6. What control trend tests are available and which trend test rule was applied?
  7. Was a cause assigned and corrective action taken to trending or out of control data point(s)?
  8. When are control limits recalculated and logged in the report?
  9. Can multiple sets of control limits be calculated, extended and displayed on the chart?
  10. Can process data be reviewed to see how it has changed over time?
  11. Are process capability charts able to be generated in the software with both +/- 3σ and +/- 6σ displayed?
  12. Are automatic email alerts available in the software to notify the appropriate personnel of out-of-spec and/or out-of-control conditions?

Investigate the SPC Software

Implementing an SPC software program is essential part of the process of Six Sigma design and execution.  Before deciding on an SPC software program, it is critical to thoroughly investigate the software and the statistical and probability methods employed.  Not adhering to standard guidelines when analyzing SPC data negatively affects the process and has a detrimental effect on any process improvement efforts.

This content is adapted from our free whitepaper “Why SPC Software Matters”.  You can request a free copy here.