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Why SPC Software Matters Part 1


November 4, 2014 | Articles, Resources

Zontec began and has continued to work with customers in live production environments to develop SPC software that not only meets their customers’ needs but also serves as a competitive advantage. We have a proven history and track record that our methodologies and rules are correct. Fundamental to our philosophy is that we enable our customers to build superior products, minimize the impact of production errors on consumers to benefit the society as a whole.

  1. Zontec started by training manufacturers on the production floor the correct SPC methodologies and rules. Zontec immediately recognized that what manufacturers needed was SPC software engineered in a logical, consistent and easy-to-use manner that enabled all levels of the organization (operators, engineers, managers as well as mid and upper management) to immediately view the status of production.
  2. Zontec also recognized that all user levels needed to understand the fundamentals of Statistical Process Control (SPC) to see how it could help them identify problems before they affect the production process. When detecting incorrectly these conditions could have dire consequences for the business. That is why Zontec wrote The Book of SPC.
  3. Recognizing that different sized companies have different needs, Zontec developed the Synergy SPC Software Product Suite.
  4. As industry needs and technology changed, Zontec has consistently kept pace and in some cases predicted what would be needed. Zontec has rewritten its software numerous times over the years to take advantage of new technology to enable its customers to integrate new equipment, new measurement devices and new automation tools into the production process easily.
  5. This has resulted in Zontec being the leading-edge SPC software provider that accommodates the ever-changing production environment. For example, when an out-of-specification and/or out-of-control condition occurs, automatic emails are sent to appropriate personnel immediately.
  6. Because we recognize that technology and production environments are ever-changing, Zontec is committed to an aggressive product development schedule for each of its products. The Synergy software is created, tested, documented and totally supported within the company. This gives Zontec complete control over the product development of our products.
  7. Under the annual service agreement, if the customer decides to upgrade to the next level of the Synergy Product Suite, they can do so at minimal cost through our 100% Investment Retention program. They will be able to access all their previous data in the new product, minimizing production interruptions.

Customers rely heavily on their SPC software to give them accurate information to meet their customer requirements the first time and continue to improve their processes. Therefore, when looking at or using SPC software, it is vital to evaluate the foundation of the SPC software. Zontec has the statistical background and experience to develop SPC software to enable customers to meet requirements and provide appropriate documentation immediately. When evaluating SPC software, it is important to see if the SPC standard rules are performed correctly or customers are vulnerable to costly recalls, losing their customers, and jeopardizing their business.