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What is Zontec 5G?

Summary: Since its founding in 1983, Zontec, Inc. has become one of the most recognized statistical process control (SPC) software providers in the U.S. But what is it about Cincinnati, Ohio-based Zontec that has transformed it into a SPC software innovator? What is it about the “Zontec 5G product experience” that attracts so many companies to its products?

February 1, 2019 | Articles, Resources

Looking at product history highlights the Zontec innovation and vision as they incorporate the latest technology into SynergySPC software. That is only half of the story. The other half is the robust code used in the development of the SynergySPC product suite. Taking great effort to develop real-time visibility and insights that identify variation in the manufacturing process, Zontec 5G products support quality engineers with easy-to-use SPC software features so they experience the success of cost-optimized products that are manufactured free from defects.

1G MS-DOS SPC Software Application

Most people reading this didn’t get to experience the first few phases of technology introduced by Zontec. A look back starts with the MS-DOS SPC software application. Zontec was a leader in developing both a single and multi-user application based upon SPC rules and methodology and providing enterprise-wide real-time visibility. Add-on modules with gage connection, data and chart reporting and printer interface were also developed in this first generation.

2G MS-DOS/Windows Report Interface

The second generation of innovation saw the introduction of MS-DOS/Windows report interface. This led Zontec to develop the only software application able to report SPC graphical charts in color – making charts and graphs easy to understand at a glance as well as actionable. Because Zontec was so quick to apply this new technology, they often needed to provide the Windows product along with the SynergySPC software purchased by customers.

3G First Generation Windows SPC Software Application

This is when the transition from the MS-DOS application to Windows application took place. This phase provided customers with the ability to use MS-DOS and Windows SPC software application side by side without data conversion. This allowed quality data to move seamlessly between MS-DOS and Windows. The Zontec third generation of innovation allowed customers to use a Windows interface to access the powerful features of SynergySPC.

4G Real-Time Multi-Level Windows SPC Application

With rapidly evolving technology, the fourth generation of SynergySPC is a real-time multi-level Windows SPC application that allows every level of user access to quality data and insights. The products developed during this phase serve as the foundation for the SynergySPC product suite. Synergy 100, Synergy 1000, and Synergy 2000 provide flexibility for any industry and organization size to apply real-time SPC technology to their operations.

5G Internet Cloud/Windows Platform Global SPC Software Application

As the technological evolution continues, so does Zontec’s cutting edge leadership. This fifth generation of global SynergySPC software incorporates Cloud and Windows applications for the first SPC software application developed using the .NET platform. This global application, Synergy 3000, includes internet Cloud with real-time data and chart interface allowing mobile access, worldwide real-time data input, and chart viewing. It connects user, customer, supplier, operator, engineer, and management for efficient sharing of manufacturing, production, and quality information. 

Zontec 5G is High-Performance SPC Software

The Zontec applications have sometimes exceeded what manufacturers were ready to apply to their business. However, this didn’t stop Zontec from innovating and creating cutting-edge and industry leading SPC software solutions from 1G through the 5G phase. Whether you are a small, midsize or fully-automated global business, Zontec has SPC solutions to meet your needs including integrations that seamlessly connect within your automated production environment.