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4 Reasons Why Real-Time SPC Software Data is Vital for Your Business


August 13, 2013 | Articles, Industry, Resources

As stated in an LNS Research Spotlight Report, “Enabling Real-Time Quality Management with Enterprise-Wide SPC”, Matthew Littlefield said that “SPC helps to identify and even prevent quality deviations early in the value chain.” For this reason, real-time SPC software data is vital for immediate feedback and instant notifications on your SPC data:

To Test the Viability of New Products

“The packaging engineer really likes the charting features; the histograms, the standard deviation charts, the Cpk’s, etc. to make determinations about new products. He uses Synergy to help him determine whether or not existing machines can make a new product. He will do a test run, enter the SPC data into Synergy, and then using the graphing capability in Synergy he will test whether or not the machine is capable or not,” commented Tim Stutzman of Oregon Freeze Dry.

“We wanted to see how well the mixing equipment was working to create these new products. The data from Synergy software justified that our mixing equipment was working to create these products,” remarked Roth Gonzales of Sahale Snacks.

To Prevent Defects Before They Occur

“I can get real-time data information now. I can open up a file, while the operator is working on it, go in quickly to see what is going on and track down any one operation immediately,” said Bob Hyland of Acme Aerospace.

“Because what we manufacture requires precision, we needed a software product that was real-time and would immediately provide the operator instant feedback about their machine. Synergy gave us that,” commented George Kloos of DRT Mfg. Co.

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“Because we are acting on real Cp, Cpk values, we have a better understanding of the production process and can make the right adjustments in real-time,” remarked Fedele D’Alessandro of LMPsrl.

”Now we are running the software in real-time, receiving notifications immediately if something is out-of-control. Operators can easily read the charts and address the issue from the floor,” said Kim Marquis of Polymerics.

To Provide Instant Access to Historical Records

“One of the ways that Synergy helps me is retrieving information quickly. If I received a customer complaint, previously I would have to go back through the paper files to find the information, the date it was made, the lot#, etc. Now, I can quickly look it up in the system on that date to see if there were any problems on that day. Synergy has easily saved me hours of time,” said Scott Chambers of Schoeneck Containers.

To Exceed Customer Audit Expectations

“The coating procedure is a very high quality process to meet the requirements of our customers. Using Synergy 1000, we can check the statistical certainty of our processes in real-time,” said Robert Willson of APS Materials.

“I like the fact that during a customer audit, they can view the information real-time in Synergy,” remarked Scott Chambers of Schoeneck Containers.

“We are able to show our customers in real-time that their product is “in control”. We bring every customer to an SPC station where they can view the data live. Without Synergy, we wouldn’t be able to do that. I use Synergy to demonstrate that our processes are in control,” commented Mike Woznicki of SPIROL International.

“We have customer audits frequently, on average once a month, and some customers require capability and run charts prior to shipment. We use Synergy to provide real-time analysis of the production process as well as capability and run charts for them to review,” said Whitney Ginter of Veridiam.

For more information on LNS Research Spotlight Report, simply click on the image above.

How much time and money could your company save using real-time SPC data? Like our customers above, implement Synergy SPC software today to realize these benefits and more.