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Can SPC Software Help Win New Business?


October 15, 2013 | Articles, News, Resources

Ad about using Synergy Software to Win New Business.In today’s economy companies are continually striving to improve their processes but also find new avenues for growth. Does your upper management understand how SPC Software can help you win new business to achieve these objectives?

Here are some examples of how our customers have used Synergy SPC Software to generate new business:

Expand into New Markets

  • “Synergy has helped us to diversify our customer base into aerospace, medical, defense, communications and computer hardware,” said April Lusk of Trident Precision Manufacturing.

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Manage More Business without Adding Resources

  • “Recently, we’ve taken a lot of huge orders and our business is growing. We have doubled the volumes we put out. With Synergy, we are able to take on more business without losing any efficiency in data collections,” remarked Bob Hyland of Acme Aerospace.

Competitive Advantage

  • ”Synergy has really become a selling point for us in our customer conversations. We have really streamlined our process. We are more proactive in our decision-making. The software is more operator friendly than how we performed SPC in the past,” commented Brian Brooks of Domestic Fastener & Forge Inc.

Test New Products

  • “The packaging engineer really likes the charting features; the histograms, the standard deviation charts, the Cpks, etc. to make determinations about new products. He uses Synergy to help him determine whether or not existing machines can make a new product. He will do a test run, enter the SPC data into Synergy, and then using the graphing capability in Synergy he will test whether or not the machine is capable or not,” said Tim Stutzman of Oregon Freeze Dry.
  • “Using the data from Synergy, we can determine if we can produce a new product using current processes before we actually produce it,” said Aditya Deshpande of Cumberland Plastics.
  • “Using the data from Synergy, we can estimate if we can maintain quality requirements for new products,” remarked Ted Black of A.P. Plasman-Windsor Plant.
  • Sahale Snacks wanted to test out a new fruit and nut mix and see if their mixing machine was mixing the proper percentage of each of the four fruits. “We wanted to see how well the mixing equipment was working to create these new products. The data from Synergy justified that our mixing equipment was working to create these products,” commented Roth Gonzales of Sahale Snacks.