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7 Key Reasons for Real-Time SPC Software


March 10, 2014 | Articles, Resources

Companies today need compelling reasons to incorporate SPC Software into their production process. Here are 7 key reasons our customers have told us real-time SPC software is a requirement for them.

How Synergy Software Benefits Your Business

1. Prevent Errors Before They Occur
“With Synergy, the operators have the visibility to make decisions at their stage in the process. This allows the operators to be proactive versus reactive about issues,” remarked Tim Stutzman of Oregon Freeze Dry.

2. Enables Users to Be Proactive vs. Reactive
“We can take preventative action versus being reactive. With the data from Synergy, everyone; from the operator, to the manager, to the engineer, can monitor an issue and resolve the issue before it adversely affects our customers,” commented Heidi Beaver of Portage Plastics.

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3. Delivers Extensive Reporting for All Level of Users
“We’re more accurate in our data we provide to our customers. We can provide them lot numbers, batch numbers, operator numbers, and shift numbers, etc. The histograms we give them now have a lot more information on them,” said Kim Marquis of Polymerics.

4. Reduces Downtime, Scrap Rate, and Rework
“Implementing Synergy has helped us to reduce scrap, reduce rework, reduce costs, and ensure that we deliver our products on-time to our customers,” remarked Dave Ibanez, Vice President of EC Operations at Veridiam.

5. Shows Real-Time Data during Audits
“We are able to show our customers in real-time that their product is “in control”. We bring every customer to an SPC station where they can view the data live. Without Synergy, we wouldn’t be able to do that. I use Synergy to demonstrate that our processes are in control,” commented Mike Woznicki of SPIROL International.

6. Provides a Global View of Your Entire Supply Chain
”The real issue was that we were collecting all of this data, but not looking at the data. Synergy gave us a way to easily pull up the data and act on what we are seeing; it also gave us the ability to access the data anywhere in the world including our customer sites,” remarked Douglas Winfrey of United Gear and Assembly.

7. Enables Continuous Improvement of Your Product
“We have such tight tolerances that we are constantly monitoring our process to ensure that the parts stays in specification and that we stay in control at each step of the production process. We are constantly improving our process control and data collection. That way we are constantly in the process of continuous improvement,” said Whitney Ginter of Veridiam.


We work with manufacturing companies who are ready to move their quality to the next level. Whether you want to move up from paper and pencil or automation, we have a powerful SPC software solution that is easy-to-use with insights that deliver savings while improving quality.