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The Case Against SPC Software

Summary: These are 4 questions you should ask as you choose installed software vs. cloud SPC.

September 15, 2015 | Articles, Resources

Wait, what? It seems something strange for an SPC software provider to assert.  While it still has it’s place and seems to still be the preferred (and necessary) approach for many companies, having software installed in-house on dozens, if not, hundreds of workstations is gradually becoming passé.  Instead the need for conventional “software” as we have know it is being replaced by cloud based applications.  We all need to be prepared.

Cloud SPC is Here

Cloud based applications have altered both our business and personal lives.  They’ve changed how we pay bills, generate sales, track accounting, file taxes, manage inventory, and many other tasks.  With the recent launch of a Synergy “true cloud SPC” solution the decision process for adopting SPC has changed. These are 4 questions you should ask as you choose installed software vs. cloud SPC.

How affordable and easy is implementation?

You want to make sure the decision/purchase process is eased by the elimination of up-front costs which helps smooth investment over time.  This helps the management team to be confident in the proof-of-concept if they are still wrestling with the need for SPC software. Be sure your vendor will save you the frustration, time, and manpower by handling the implementation for you so minimal IT support required.  Your vendor should also provide training, support, and updates included in your pricing.  In many cases, you’ll find the need for hardware purchases will be eliminated.

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How accessible will your data be?

Be sure the SPC data is actually managed and secured in the cloud – not just a remotely hosted version of the provider’s software. This will ensure your data is protected and enable sharing and collaboration among users from anywhere with an internet connection.  You should never feel isolated from your data (or vendor support).  You’ll want to make sure you have access to product drawings and work instructions, live views of SPC data and charts, interactive and versatile charting, and real-time process feedback alarms.

How advanced is the software?

Verify what tools are included and or available.  Ask what data collection automation tools, DLL’s, multiplexers, and gage interface tools are provided.  Ask if the software and data can be used on a variety of existing platforms.  Make sure that multiple devices are supported such as desktop, laptop, iPad, Kindle Fire or Android tablet.

How adaptable is the software for the future?

One of the big advantages of cloud based applications is the access to new updates.  Ensure that you’ll have access to new product releases, along with updated tools and documentation.  It’s important that as devices, equipment, and operating software evolves so will the software.

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