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Using SPC Software for Good Supplier Management


March 19, 2012 | Articles

MASS Precision operators using Synergy SPC software on production floor.
MASS Precision using Synergy SPC software on production floor.

When it comes to supplier management, good data makes all the difference, according to Dan Heimann of MASS Precision, Inc. during the Zontec Best Practices: Supplier Management Webinar. Because your suppliers affect the product you ultimately deliver, making sure that their products are made correctly becomes part of your job. You need quality information to share with your suppliers that tells them how they are performing. You need information that tells you before your suppliers’ product goes out-of-control. Where do you get this information? From the Statistical Process Control (SPC) software data that you are collecting. Capturing this SPC data can help you:

  • Prevent defects before they occur
  • Reduce rework
  • Eliminate customer rejections

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Here are some lessons Dan learned about working with suppliers:

  • Precision manufacturing demands instant coordination with suppliers
  • Real-time information is key to good communication
  • Once suppliers see the savings possible they become SPC software cheerleaders

Are you wrestling with quality issues related to your suppliers? Watch the following video to learn more: