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The Consequences of Non-compliant SPC Software

Summary: Choosing an SPC software solution that violates SPC methodology and rules WILL negatively impact your efforts to improve processes and products.

August 18, 2015 | Articles, Resources

Choosing an SPC software solution that violates SPC methodology and rules WILL negatively impact your efforts to improve processes and products.  

Each and every important decision we are faced with needs to be based on a true and accurate representation of the facts. If decisions are based on questionable interpretation, the consequences can be significant. Choosing an SPC software solution, as a partner in your business, should be no different. The consequences of non-compliant statistical process control, SPC, software has to be considered. Don’t fall victim to a solution that contains outdated technology or has been over promised. Your decision should be based on choosing a current solution that is rooted in strong SPC fundamentals, methodologies and applies SPC rules correctly. Only Zontec’s Synergy Suite of SPC software is fully compliant with SPC methodology and rules. Learn more.  Schedule a Demo here.

While it may be easy to say the cost of a poor choice may be “cost” itself, it goes far beyond the economic impact. Yes, everything does eventually lead back to financial loss, but the impact can also be felt in five critical aspects of your business if the SPC methodology and rules are incorrectly applied. Think about these areas of your business.

  • Product/Process
    Defects, scrap, and rework are unfortunately often dismissed as a “cost of doing business” and measured in relative terms. These costs are real and can easily multiply due to the time it may take to rework and/or start over. By not utilizing a sound SPC methodology, you forgo continuous improvement that would naturally lead to a steady improvement in this most obvious vacuum of resources.
  • Time and Productivity
    Another major consequence of using SPC incorrectly can be the affect it has on time management and productivity. This can be seen in terms of being “reactive vs. proactive”, time spent on making unnecessary adjustments, problem solving, production being shut down, decreased efficiency, incorrect identification of root cause, focusing on the wrong area of the process, or over-adjustment to  production.
  • Perception and Judgment
    Critical to decision making is having a true insight into production conditions. If decisions are being made on incorrect analysis of production conditions, special causes of variation cannot be correctly identified and reacted to properly. The result is the creation of a highly unpredictable and/or unstable process which can easily be felt company wide.
  • Relationships with Customers and Suppliers
    As your process becomes unpredictable and unstable, another real possibility is the potential for a negatively impacted relationship with both customers and suppliers. Failed audits, customer penalties, recalls, loss of opportunity, credibility and reputation,
    and soured relationships are all situations we’d like to avoid.
  • Culture
    Paramount to the success of any business is its culture. If conflicts arise as a result of production or quality issues, the entire culture of an organization (including Quality, Production, and Management) can be negatively affected. This negativity can lead to a loss in credibility, confidence, trust, and demoralize a team.

Not all SPC Software is Created Equal

Every day, businesses around the world rely on their SPC software to help them continually improve their processes and products, run more efficiently, provide a perspective into their production, solidify their relationships with their customers and suppliers, and maintain a positive culture. This topic is sourced from our free whitepaper “Why SPC Software Matters“.

At first glance, it may appear that SPC or statistical software solutions are all the same; they are not. Choosing an SPC Software solution can have a dramatic impact on your business. Make sure your decision is based on a solution that will provide you the most accurate representation of the facts of your production process, is based on a solid foundation of SPC methodology and rules, and applies the methodology and rules correctly. You, your management, and your customers, will be glad you did.