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Enable All SPC Software Users to Be Proactive


June 18, 2013 | Articles

In his eBook for ASQ, Enabling Excellence, Timothy A Pine reminds us that “Prevention is proactive.”

See some customer examples showing the results of a proactive Synergy SPC software program.

Stoplight Color Coding

Picture of Synergy SPC software giving users various ways to proactively monitor the production process.
Synergy SPC software allows users various ways to proactively monitor the production process.

Synergy software incorporates stoplight color coded status indicators and charts to allow users to immediately determine the state of a process. Control and run charts and specification indicators immediately tell you the process status.

  • in control (green)
  • trending towards being out-of-control (yellow)
  • out-of-control (red)


“We are daily able to monitor critical characteristics in an effective, real-time, proactive, manner and predict if the processes or the tools are trending towards going out-of-control,” said Aditya Deshpande, Quality Assurance Manager for Cumberland Plastics Solutions.

“Now that we have the analysis in a user friendly format, we are using Synergy as our communication tool. By viewing a capability chart, everyone can immediately tell how things are going,“ remarked April Lusk, Director of Quality for Trident Precision Manufacturing.

“We can take preventative action versus being reactive. With the data from Synergy, everyone; from the operator, to the manager, to the engineer, can monitor an issue and resolve the issue before it adversely affects our customers,” commented Heidi Beaver, Quality Technician for Portage Plastics Corporation.

Notifications of Trend Test Violations

Synergy software allows users to select which trend tests they want applied to each characteristic. When a trend test is violated, the user receives immediate notification including the specific trend test that was violated. 

“We also estimate we are saving approximately 30% of an operator’s day due to data entry. Using Synergy 2000 we have eliminated data entry errors. We are able to measure a part completely and save 30% of our time doing it,” noted Ted Black, QA Manager for the A.P. Plasman-Windsor Plant.

Automatic Emails for Out-of-Control and/or Out-of-Specification

Synergy software enables you to setup notifications to the appropriate personnel if a process or processes are out-of-control (OOC), out-of-specification (OOS) or both.

“With Synergy we could capture more data about our business. Email alerts for out-of-specification products were part of the deciding factor for selecting Synergy,” said Kim Marquis, Operations Manager for Polymerics.

“Using Synergy is a lot more user friendly, because you can run SPC in real-time. Now if anything goes out-of-specification, I get an email notification at my desk instead of having to physically be on the shop floor. In the past, we wouldn’t know if we were trending or not. Implementing Synergy saves us about 2 man-hours a day.” Brian Brooks, VP of Operations for Domestic Fastener & Forge, Inc. (DFFI).

In order to reduce scrap, rework and downtime, you need SPC software that allows all levels of users to be proactive and take corrective action at their position of the production process.