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The Importance of Adhering to SPC Methodology and Rules


August 11, 2015 | Articles, Resources

Adhering to SPC Methodology and Rules

One could argue that non-compliance with methodology and rules should be a deal-breaker for choosing and SPC software.

Many (most?) businesses today are running lean. Individuals are now doing jobs that required multiple personnel in the past, including those in Quality. Each day is spent putting out fires, dealing with suppliers, customers, auditors, upper management, and now you’re tasked with finding the ideal Statistical Process Control (SPC) software that is right for your business. Understanding the fundamental rules and methodology of SPC, items to look for, warning signs to be aware of, and the importance in choosing the right SPC software solution is key. If the wrong decision is made, the consequences may negatively affect your business and those you do business with for years to come.

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Companies rely heavily on their SPC software to give them accurate information to meet their customer requirements the first time and continue to improve their processes. Therefore, when looking at or using SPC software, it is vital to evaluate the foundation of the SPC software. When evaluating SPC software, it is important to see if the SPC standard rules are performed correctly or customers are vulnerable to costly recalls, losing their customers, and jeopardizing their business.

SPC Methodologies and Rules Matter

Statistical methods are employed to continually improve process performance and efficiency. Statistical Process Control is applied when analyzing a process to correctly identify special cause from common cause variations. When identified incorrectly, one is either over adjusting by correcting for common causes or not taking action for special cause which leads to an unpredictable process and decreased efficiency. An effective means of detection must be employed that follows the standard SPC methodologies and rules.

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When looking at SPC software it is critical to look below the surface. Care should be taken to ensure that the software adheres to the fundamentals of SPC. Assuming that software employs correct methods of detection and calculations can be a very costly mistake. Key questions should be asked when looking at different SPC software vendors regarding the standards followed, statistical methods employed, as well as other capabilities of the software.