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Do This When Evaluating Your Quality Program


January 19, 2016 | Articles, Resources

Evaluating Your Quality Program

evaluating your quality programImagine this, you have a highly unpredictable and/or unstable process that causes you to lose tremendous amounts of money due to production errors and untold hours lost trying to assign a cause to the issues. On the other hand, maybe you’ve been at the quality game for a while and seemingly have a good system with an SPC software solution in place but you’re unsure if the technology is “current”.

It’s time to consider evaluating your quality program.

A good place to start evaluating is to assess your current or ideal quality program. Be aware of the tools and systems that are in place and support your quality program currently. For some, the answer can even be, “we don’t have any system or tools!”. This is fine.

Go Back to Basics and Build From There

Sometimes it’s good to go back to basics and gain more insight into your own company culture and your current manufacturing processes. In this case, you can actively seek out your own team to provide answers to key questions relating to openness to change or standard procedures.

Beyond this, we focus more on tools. A quality program is built on a solid foundation. One that is supported by SPC software that is true to the rules and methodology of statistical process control. SPC software is mission critical. Actionable insights lie within the data and SPC helps make sense of it.

  1. Evaluate how you are currently collecting SPC data. Are currently collecting at all? Manually? Digitally? These answers are important because they give insight into the organization’s openness to change.
  2. Do you find incorrect or inaccurate data in your system?
  3. How significant are your waste and rework?
  4. Do you feel your production process is stable AND capable?
  5. How does your SPC software show you the stability and capability of your processes?

How Do I Answer These Questions?

Continuous improvement of your quality program should always be a high priority. As the only fully compliant SPC software, SynergySPC has been the go-to solution for thousands of clients. We have the answers to the tough questions and we can shepherd you through an evaluation.

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For over 30 years, SynergySPC has been built as the only fully compliant SPC.  Unlike any other SPC software solution, we can quickly and accurately show you the stability and capability of your processes so you can further improve them.