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You Can Implement Synergy SPC Software in 45 Minutes or Less


February 24, 2014 | Articles, Resources

One of our underlining principles for creating Synergy SPC Software is that it be easy to implement and easy to use. Here is what our customers have said about the process:

Easy to Setup
• “You can create a new data bank and data tables in 15 minutes,” said Dubravka Kusmic of WECO Electrical Connectors.

• “The product is easy to use, easy to setup. The day after we bought the product, we started putting in data,” remarked Kim Marquis of Polymerics.

Easy to Use
• “The system is very user-friendly. The team members can go up and call up their databank for a part. With the click of a button, they can input the data. No mistakes are made on entry because the system prompts the team member right on the spot.” commented Dan Corrigan of Halla Climate Control Canada.

• “We have over 110 pieces of equipment with over 22,000 items we monitor. We needed something that could capture this data instantly, enable our operators to monitor their processes across up to 6 machines and, if appropriate, take corrective action. We needed data immediately available that would monitor a process from start to finish that can involve up to 1 million pieces,” said Mike Woznicki of SPIROL International.

Data Immediately Available
• “We really appreciate the ability to analyze data while the operator is entering data at another location. The moment the data is in the system, you can graph it immediately. You can chart things in different ways. Synergy has a very user-friendly user interface,” remarked Whitney Ginter of Veridiam.

Easy to View Historical Data
• “One of the ways that Synergy helps me is retrieving information quickly. If I received a customer complaint, previously I would have to go back through the paper files to find the information, the date it was made, the lot#, etc. Now, I can quickly look it up in the system on that date to see if there were any problems on that day. Synergy has easily saved me hours of time” said Scott Chambers of Schoeneck Containers.

We have created Synergy SPC Software for quick and easy implementation.