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Why SPC Software Aids In Continuous Process Improvement

Summary: At Zontec, we make a commitment to our customers to consistently improve our software so they have a competitive edge.

April 16, 2013 | Articles, Resources

Manufacturers Search For Improvement

Manufacturers of today want to see how SPC aids continuous process improvement. They want to integrate the statistical process control software data they receive from various applications into one cohesive view of their enterprise supply chain. Manufacturers are looking to utilize innovative technologies to help them continually improve their processes by eliminating scrap, reducing rework, and increasing personnel’s productivity. They need global SPC software to provide an immediate view of their people, their processes, their production equipment and suppliers worldwide. With access to real-time data, team members prevent defects before they occur and can verify for customers and regulators that their requirements are met. This immediate, worldwide view of SPC data also allows management to analyze the ongoing profitability of the business.

SynergySPC Software Aids Continuous Process Improvement

Just as continuous process improvement must permeate your entire enterprise, SPC software must evolve and incorporate innovative technologies to help you monitor your enterprise, maintain profitability, and enable you to explore new avenues for growth.

Zontec maintains an aggressive product development schedule to consistently deliver industry-leading products to its customers including cloud computing into its product suite. This software is created, tested, documented and supported within the company without outsourcing. Our service agreement provides a 100% Investment Retention program to support upgrades as your business grows.

We selected Synergy because of its usability, it was cost-effective, and Zontec’s 100% Investment Retention program. We also liked the fact that if we decide to upgrade all our data banks and data tables will roll right into the next generation product,” said Brian Brooks, Domestic Fastener & Forge, Inc.

“We selected Zontec because they were one step ahead of where our customers were going. The Synergy software is a very user-friendly package,” remarked April Lusk, Director of Quality for Trident Precision Manufacturing.

You need to test out new product ideas and new business possibilities using your SPC data.

We can see using the data from the Synergy software if we can produce a new product using current processes, before we actually produce the new product,” commented Aditya Deshpande, Quality Assurance Manager for Cumberland Plastics Solutions.

“With Synergy, we are able to show customers at their location the exact machine that would be used to produce the new product, what tolerance the machine is currently running and the capability history of that machine. This type of information shows the customer what they need to see before moving forward. Synergy provides us that edge to win the business,” said Douglas Winfrey, Director of Quality for United Gear and Assembly.

Your business needs to evolve through continuous process improvements and develop new growth opportunities. At Zontec, we make a commitment to our customers to consistently improve our software so they have a competitive edge.