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Why SynergySPC from Zontec?

Executive Summary: SPC software solution. If the wrong decision is made, the consequences may negatively affect your business and those you do business with for years to come.

April 11, 2022 | Whitepapers | Resources, Whitepapers

Imagine what you can accomplish with the right SPC software

As a senior leader, we recognize your commitment to exceptional customer satisfaction, continually improving return on investment and business growth.

Together, we share a common interest - quality. By listening to our customers’ quality reporting requirements, we clearly understand the role that real-time data has on evaluating and improving the stability and capability of the manufacturing process. Using these insights and the fundamental rules and methodology of Statistical Process Control (SPC), we developed the SynergySPC software suite to help you achieve your business goals.

SynergySPC is the only fully compliant SPC

In industries where manufacturing accuracy and customer satisfaction matters, Zontec can supply you with the only software that 100% conforms to SPC methodology and rules in a way that is user friendly for operators, engineers and managers. Our automated SPC software provides the most accurate representation of real-time data so you can quickly analyze and visualize data as you make decisions impacting continuous improvement and cost savings. You can confidently convey quality reports to anyone, including customers, knowing they represent correct and accurate statistical process control methods.

SynergySPC software shows process stability and capability

  • Stability measurements tell you if a process is in control
  • Capability measurements tell you if a process meets customer requirements
  • Within two weeks of implementation, SynergySPC identifies process improvements

Interpretation of the stability and capability of your process data is straightforward with SynergySPC because instant data feedback allows you to interpret real-time results at-a-glance. Our tools monitor and identify ways to improve your processes. In as few as two weeks, the software can identify where your processes need improvement.

Let us show you how SynergySPC provides better process knowledge leading to waste reduction, defect prevention, increased customer satisfaction, real continual improvement and increased profits. It has never been easier to interpret the data and improve your process.

SynergySPC is the most powerful and advanced SPC

  • Real-time notifications for early detection and cost savings
  • Clear, easy-to-use control charts and graphs
  • In-house experts are very responsive to technology changes and customer input
  • Cloud and Microsoft Windows-based software and functionality

Our subject matter experts pioneered internet cloud computing for SPC, mobile device compatibility and alerts, real-time control charting with unlimited data points, universal gage interfacing, and quality monitoring dashboards to name a few. These started as Zontec innovations and became the industry standard. This powerful and robust software lets you get SPC off the ground fast without the need for a long, high cost implementation. It’s easy to take your company to the next level.

SynergySPC is not “one-size fits all”

We have created the industry’s only complete SPC software suite to fit all types and sizes of business situations. Synergy 100™ is for the entry-level or occasional SPC user; the Synergy 1000™ is for the standalone or small workgroup; the Synergy 2000™ is for enterprise-wide quality management; and the Synergy 3000™ is for database-intensive software that allows you to manage facilities and suppliers globally through Windows and the Web. We provide an excellent, no obligation consultation. Our experts will assist you in the evaluation of the proper software to maximize your return on investment (ROI). Learn more about product functionality at www.zontec-spc.com or call (513) 648-9695 with your questions.

SynergySPC is the best value in SPC software

  • Ideal for manufacturers who want to improve the stability and capability of their process
  • Easy to get started - just one day of training
  • Make data-driven decisions for actionable results in two weeks
  • Quick Return on Investment (ROI)
  • Investment protection policy

Optimizing production man-hours, reducing rejects, reducing rework, and constantly improving your processes is the first step to creating value with SynergySPC software. The second step is using the software as a competitive advantage to generate new business. As you grow, we grow with you. When you need a more advanced version of SynergySPC, you receive full credit for your original purchase.

We are here to answer your questions and assess your needs.
When you are ready, contact us (513) 648-9695 to schedule a live DEMO.

About Us

Trusted since 1983, Zontec is an experienced provider of statistical process control (SPC) software to companies spanning every industrial class. We are highly respected for our singular commitment to the innovation and aggressive product development of SynergySPC quality software with in-house creation, testing, documentation and technical support. Our software helps manufacturers understand the process stability and capability of their operation with realtime data for early detection of special causes, continuous quality improvement and ongoing return on investment. We offer a suite of SPC software products to match the needs and budget of our customers. We take our partnership seriously. We offer a 100% Investment Retention Program allowing software upgrades while retaining full access to historical data. Visit us at www.zontec-spc.com.