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How SPC Software Helps with On-Time Delivery


November 12, 2013 | Articles, Industry, Resources

Operator ensuring items are within specification before shipping.According to our internal survey of customers and prospects, on-time delivery is the second most important quality measure behind customer satisfaction for their operations. Obviously, the two are inter-related. How can SPC Software help? Here are some examples of how our customers use Synergy SPC Software to help them with on-time delivery:

Reduced Downtime

  • “Previously, Portage Plastics would have to pull the product, sort the product, figure out what happened, pay 3 days of overtime, as well as repair the machine. Since using Synergy from Zontec, our product return rate has dropped to less than half of a percent of what we are currently shipping,” said Heidi Beaver of Portage Plastics.

Prevent Errors Before They Occur

  • “We are able to daily monitor critical characteristics in an effective, real-time, proactive, manner and predict if the processes or the tools are trending towards going out-of-control,” remarked Aditya Deshpande of Cumberland Plastics.
  • “With Synergy, the operators have the visibility to make decisions at their stage in the process. This allows the operators to be proactive versus reactive about issues,” commented Tim Stutzman of Oregon Freeze Dry.
  • “It’s a very good teaching tool to be able to explain with visuals to describe where the process is running at and where we want to be. Within seconds, we can call up a part number on a machine and know what’s going on with that machine or the current production run,” said Douglas Winfrey of United Gear and Assembly.

Provide Documentation at the Time of Delivery

  • “When the QARs (Quality Assurance Representatives) come to inspect us, I have all the information they need prepared in packets for them. Sometimes we are asked to send materials directly to the ship yards. These are usually orders with a fast turnaround. Because the data is readily available, we can provide all the documentation quickly along with the products we are shipping out,” commented Bob Batsche of Carlisle & Finch Co.
  • “I use Synergy mostly for the bag weight program for our materials. We pre-weigh powdered chemicals as to their weight specification. We send along a histogram with every Certificate of Analysis for every bag in each production run,” said Glen Peters of Polymerics.

Obviously, the factors involved in delivering your product on-time are complex. However these are some examples of how Synergy SPC Software has helped our customers. Sound interesting? For more information, visit our website. You can also contact us at (866) 955-0088 or spcinfo@zontec-spc.com.